America's Next Top Model

A cyclical competition where women from all over the U.S. compete for the honor of being America's next "it girl" in the modeling world.

Genre: Reality

Actor: Drew Elliott , Law Roach

Director: Ken Mok , Tyra Banks , Kenya Barris

Country: USA

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2003

IMDb: 5.5

Season 1 - America's Next Top Model
"The girls are left high and dry for their first ever photo shoot, only to discover some painful facts about modelling. One girl goes home with less than she started with."
"The remaining girls have to learn to walk down a fashion runway. The fashion shoot is one for Stuff men's magazine where the girls pose in swimsuits in front of glass with water sliding down."
"That evening after everyone had finished their shoots for the day Tyra took them out to dinner. The next morning Adrianne woke up and was so sick. She felt hot, shaky, and was throwing up. While at the emergency room, doctors found she had food poisoning. The judges were impressed when Adrianne walked into judging that night wrapped in a blanket looking pale."
"One girl becomes obsessed with moisture, while another proves she a good liar. All the girls get a real eye openner when they arrive at their photoshoot."
"The episode focuses mainly on Elyse, and how the house feels as though she might have an eating disorder. Elyse attempted to convince the girls otherwise, but to no avail.\n\nThe competition the girls had were to have an interview with Steve Santagati, a member of the press."
"The girls head for Wilhelmina where they are told they have to go on go-sees. While there, the girls are surprised with a trip to Paris.\n\nWhen the girls arrive in Paris, Robin proves she's full of hot air."
"The four remaining girls bare it all at a risque photoshoot. Two of the girls fail to provail, while 2 end up on top.\n\nThen the girls get tested on there social skills. Some show too much, and some, no where near enough."
"Never-before-seen footage and highlights of some of the most memorable moments from the first seven weeks will be broadcast on a special. The season finale will air in its regular timeslot immediately following this special broadcast. The special will highlight the best catwalks, catfights and confessions of ten young women living together in a penthouse to compete for the title of America's Next Model. The episode will revisit the season's highlights, including opinionated judging sessions, a brutal bikini waxing, a religious rampage, a freezing photo shoot and ..."
"After returning from Paris and the elimination of Robin, the girls resume living in the Flatotel, learning more about go-sees and auditioning for fashion shows."
Season 2 - America's Next Top Model
"Supermodel Tyra Banks welcomes 12 aspiring models to New York City by immediately challenging them to strut their stuff for marines on a runway built on one of the world's largest naval ships, the USS Intrepid, on the premiere of the second. New York's hot deejay Funkmaster Flex spins the beats for the surprise fashion show. Later, one participant gets off to a rough start when she oversleeps the morning of the first photo shoot and is abandoned by the other girls, meanwhile, another wannabe top model is forced off of the set of a nude shoot. The first participant is ..."
"With Anna gone the girls settle in and life gets interesting as Yoanna and Camille start to strike sparks off each other. The girls have been told to work on their walk on the runway. A day with J. Alexander might be what they need. J. is considered one of the best instructors of the model walk.\n\nThe photo shot involved some pretty fancy shoes and many hard choices for the girls."
"It's a hair-raising experience for the girls as they get their makeovers. One girl cries over the loss of her hair, while many other find better used for their eyes.\n\nThe photo shoot leads to a major rise in emotions for many of the girls."
"Begining with a fitness challenge and leading onto a personal style evaluation, this episode has more drama than most.\n\nThe competition this week? Walking the runway with a little something extra.\n\nThe photo shoot this time around is a fun one, transforming the girls into various celebrities."
"The girls undergo personality coaching. One girl gets emotion over a strange guest and a judge asks some very hard questions. Secrets and relationship are releaved in this week's episode."
"The girl's photo shoot for this week is simple beauty shots, photographs taken in black and white that focus on their face.\n\nAfter that, the girls are taken to an acting challenge where they will have to act out a scene.\n\nThe last stop for the girls is a fast-paced action packed Matrix like commercial for Rollitos chips."
"The girls step it up in more ways then one at this week challenge. And some girls prove they are more than just great beauties, but that they also have brains."
"The girls get shipped off to Milan and several go-sees, followed by a stunning sunglasses themed photo-shoot."
"This was a recap episode that consisted of mostly footage we've already seen. Among the unaired clips were drag queens arriving at the loft to show the girls how to walk, Jay Manuel & Janice Dickinson getting in a fight over Heather's Laundry photo, and April being brought to an almost paralized state at thinking the Laundry photo shoot would include snakes."
"Parties, dressing up and teamwork are the names of the game this week."
"The girls' photo shoot for the day is a beauty shot one where the girls are dressed opposite of their normal style.\n\nAfter the shoot, the girls meet up with DSquared which whom the final 2 girls will walk in their fashion show.\n\nAt the fashion show, the final two girls, hurry to get their outfits on. The girls impress the judges and at the deliberation, a large television will reveal the winner..."
"What have the girls of Season 2 been up to since the finale in March? All was revealed in this ANTM special."
Season 3 - America's Next Top Model
"The semifinalists meet in LA and have a pool party to celebrate making it that far. Deciding to have a bit more fun, some of the girls trek out to a local hotspot where one semifinalist gets into a bar fight with a local.\n\nLater on, the girls introduce themselves more to the judges and a cut is announced where 14 out of the 34 girls are eliminated. A second cut eliminates 6 more girls and the Final 14 are presented."
"A rooftop photo shoot turns into a steamy vacation for the girls. Not long after, one is sent home, than another."
"The girls all head to Peter Coppola studios to get their traditional season makeovers. During the hair transformations, one girl gets an extra special facial, and one sees a dentist."
"The girls are taken to Runway 101, where J. Alexander teaches them the basics alongside America's Next Top Model herself, Yoanna House. After the lesson, J. takes the girls backstage at a Heatherette fashion show where the girls will be walking.\n\nThe photoshoot this week has the grls exposing alot about themself."
"The girls are treated to lessons from Janice Dickinson herself in the art of posing. This will come in useful later when they have to pose in La Perla lingerie in the store's front window.\n\nAt the photoshoot, a lot of the girls are to model Dooney and Burke's latest line, all while on roller skates."
"Tyra invites plus-size supermodel Kate Dillion and a nutritionist over to the loft to discuss with the girls about healthy eating and positive body image.\n\nThe next morning, the girls are taken to an obstacle course and later are told to climb up 14 flights of stairs. The photoshoot is for an energy drink, and the girls have to jump on a trampoline."
"The girls go on go-sees. One girl forgets something valuable and it may cost her more than she knows.\n\nA very big surprise awaits the girls at the photo shoot. The girls prove just how versatile they are."
"The girls get fashion advice from stylist Rebecca Weinberg. Afterwards, they are taken to a shopping spot to find a fashionable outfit to wear. When the girls are finished, they are dropped off at a secret location that turns out to be an impromptu red carpet.\n\nAt elimination, Yaya goes over the edge when Rebecca says that Yaya wants to prove her \"African-ness\"."
"The remaining girls are surprised with a visit by actor Taye Diggs. That's not the only surprise -- shortly after the girl's finish their acting exercise, Tyra surprises them with a trip to Tokyo, Japan.\n\nThere, the girls find that the work gets only harder as they work on a soup commercial with a Japanese speaking director."
"A recap of the previous episodes of the season, this episode highlights the memorable moments and never-before-seen clips.\n\nAmong the moments never-before-seen include Cassie telling her mother she used to be a stripper, Ann and Eva doing Janice impersonations, and Yaya screaming at the girls because they're being too loud."
"As the competition quickly comes to a close, the girls are taken to a tea house to learn the ancient technique of a proper tea ceremony. One girl has more difficulty than the others."
"It's down to the Final Four girls and they are given a lesson in Tokyo street fashion. And for the first time on ANTM a girl is late and it might cost her more than she thinks."
"On the finale for Cycle 3, the final three do a photoshoot that will be the ad for Covergirl Cosmetics if they win. Wearing sparkling tops and posing on a zenlike pond, Eva, Yaya, and Amanda make it a hard decision for the judges.\n\nThe final two take to a unique runway show. When the judge's deliberation is over, the winner is announced."
"we find out that ann and Eva make up and are now friends again... after their big dispute that almost copletely ruined their freindship. and Norelle becomes an asian model, which is most unexpected. And we find out that Ann and Leah move to NYC to pursue modelling by buying a 2-bedroom flat in Brooklyn which is to house Ann, Leah and Jennipher, as well as Cassie who is coming to visit them."
Season 4 - America's Next Top Model
"Supermodel Tyra Banks welcomes a new group of top model wannabes to Los Angeles, where some girls from the past are given a second chance, another finds herself stripping after a game of truth or dare and all of the girls showcase their best runway strut for Tyra, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander, on the premiere of the fourth Meanwhile, one of the girls tries to be the center of attention and stirs up trouble with the rest of the group. After a photo booth test shoot, some girls are sent home and the final 14 participants begin their journey to compete for the title of \"..."
"The finalists are taken headfirst into their first challenge, a dramatic photoshoot where they pose as aliens taking over LA.\n\nOne girl's attitude worsens during the makeovers when she is told she will not be having one. Tyra gives her a hair raising alternative."
"The girls have a sporty runway challenge, and the winner walks away with something extra special.\n\nAt elimination, one girls ends up in the hospital."
"The girls are faced with a dual challenge.\n\nAt the photo shoot, one girls breaks away from her usual habits, while another falls into a bad one."
"When Jay greets them for their next photoshoot, the girls are surprised to learn they will be turned into a different ethnicity."
"The girls are taught first hand how they shouldn't sign a contract without knowing what it is. Tyra gives them a few pointers about the business side of modeling, including that any agency that asks for money upfront is a scam. Later, the remaining girls get ready for an industry party for Covergirl Cosmetics which also serves as a secret competition.\n\nThe photoshoot for the week is very wet and windy, and many of the girls have difficulty pulling a good pose."
"Tyra gets upset with Tiffany, when she is sent home and she doesn't represent any sadness, while Rebecca, who is also eliminated, cries her eyes out."
"The girls are put on the spot in this week's challenge. One girl has a hard time disassociating the photo shoot from her personal life."
"The girls go to South Africa and learn about the country's fashion and history."
"The girls make their own outfits out of items they find in the nature surrounding the place of the shoot."
"Keenyah wins a dance challenge where her belief that she is special irritates the other contestants; then she and Brittany get into a huge confrontation.\n\nNext, the models pose and dance with male models. Keenyah stops the photo shoot when she feels betrayed by the one of the male models."
"This was the recap episode for season 4."
"The three remaining finalists - Naima, Keenyah, and Kahlen - shoot a commercial for Cover Girl."
Season 5 - America's Next Top Model
"Cycle five premieres with 13 new aspiring models competing in an impromptu fashion show. This season the girls will live together in a Bel Air mansion. Former model Twiggy joins the judges to replace Janice Dickinson."
"The remaining girls go and get a makeover. Cassandra, cries about her new short hair, not knowing it was a mistake. \n\nAt the photo shoot, the girls pair up and go head to head for the best picture. Kim, surprises the judges and J mentions she really needed a miracle."
"Sarah and Kim's relationship heats up while Cassandra's getting hot and bothered by her short hair, and not in a good way. The girls learn how to walk the walk, especially on a moving platform and learn to runaway from the evil fashion police witch."
"The return of Janice Dickinson! The girls have to reveal their greatest flaw and learn how to turn that flaw into something great. And for the photoshoot, the girls have to get exaggerated make overs."
"Back stabbing all around in this episode of America's Next top model. Jayla steals some of Nik's lines while Coryn spits out some angry lines of her own at Lisa."
"The inspiration for today's photo shoot is the 1940's Pin-Up girl style. The girls pose for a potential car advertisement."
"A recap of the show so far, with unseen footage."
"The girls meet a previous ANTM winner, do a wild phtoshoot and one of the girls wins the chance to appear on Veronica Mars."
"Emotions explode when one model is confronted about constantly talking behind her competitors' backs, and \"Entertainment Tonight\" correspondent Kevin Frazier teaches the girls about the importance of never letting their guard down in public, as he reveals candid photos that they didn't know were being taken of them.\n\nLater, the participants arrive at an overseas destination and are swarmed by paparazzi. At the photo shoot, the models are challenged to stand out from their competitors when they all pose together, wearing only underwear, inside a tight telephone booth."
"Challenged by J. Alexander to pose like statues in a park, the models find the task to be a little too realistic as they're swarmed by pigeons, and after one competitor suspects another of stealing, she retaliates leading to a series of escalating confrontations. Photographer Barry Lategan serves as guest judge.\n\nAt the photo shoot, the models pose as modern interpretations of classic art for legendary photographer Barry Lategan, who took the first photo of Twiggy in 1966."
"After Barney's New York Creative Director Simon Doonan and Twiggy teach the girls about the different British fashion trends, the competitors are sent to impress top London designers by dressing in each trend and whoever performs the best earns a special advantage over her competition.\n\nLater, the models are photographed by Nigel Barker at a Bollywood-inspired photo shoot, but before they step in front of the camera, one model takes medicine from another and then regrets it."
"With only three models remaining, the girls are first challenged to shoot a CoverGirl commercial and a national print ad, and after one competitor is eliminated, legendary photographer Gilles Bensimon shoots each of the final two girls with Tyra Banks for the February 2006 cover of ELLEgirl magazine.\n\nSpecial guests include past TOP MODEL winners Eva Pigford and Naima Mora, photographer Gilles Bensimon, director Sara Dunlop, photographer Kate Martin, and designers Vanya Strok and Nargess Gharani, who serve as guest judges at the first elimination.\n\nThen, the final two models strut their stuff in one last fashion show for London designers Vanya Strok and Nargess Gharani, and one of the competitors is named AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL."
"Tyra Banks hosts this revealing one-hour look back and ahead as all of the models, including the recently crowned winner, are reunited for the first time on television to share their stories, experiences and how their lives and careers have transformed since appearing on UPN's hit dramality series."
Season 6 - America's Next Top Model
"The two-hour premiere episode devoted an hour to narrowing 32 contestants to 13 finalists, and the second hour featured the first photo shoot and elimination. As the girls moved into their house in Los Angeles, the oldest contestant, 26-year-old Jade, claimed she was \"the undiscovered supermodel\" and declared herself front runner of the competition. The bedroom themes for this cycle were Twiggy, Janice Dickinson, Christie Brinkley, Iman and a room themed of past contestants of America's Next Top Model. The girls were led to believe that they would all be shaved bald as a way to level the competition for the photo shoot, when in fact they were fitted with skull caps and posed wearing Swarovski crystals in an array of mannequin heads. Seen lacking in potential, the self-described hillbilly from Brevard, North Carolina, Kathy was eliminated over Furonda, (whose photo was the worst in the group) because the judges felt that she looked lost in her photo."
"The two-hour premiere episode devoted an hour to narrowing 32 contestants to 13 finalists, and the second hour featured the first photo shoot and elimination. As the girls moved into their house in Los Angeles, the oldest contestant, 26-year-old Jade, claimed she was \"the undiscovered supermodel\" and declared herself front runner of the competition. The bedroom themes for this cycle were Twiggy, Janice Dickinson, Christie Brinkley, Iman and a room themed of past contestants of America's Next Top Model. The girls were led to believe that they would all be shaved bald as a way to level the competition for the photo shoot, when in fact they were fitted with skull caps and posed wearing Swarovski crystals in an array of mannequin heads. Seen lacking in potential, the self-described hillbilly from Brevard, North Carolina, Kathy was eliminated over Furonda, (whose photo was the worst in the group) because the judges felt that she looked lost in her photo."
"In this episode, the twelve remaining contestants received makeovers. Some were dramatic, such as Jade's short blond cut Nnenna's head being shaved, Sara's sides being very short while the middle was longer,while others were less dramatic, such as Joanie and Kari being made blonder than they already were, Danielle's weave piece and Furonda's long weave that she thought made her look cool. During the makeover process, Jay spoke with each of the girls to establish a name for their individual style, which they later had to attempt to embody in a clothing challenge. Nnenna won the challenge for her interpretation of the \"new African queen.\" Also Jade got a little agitated because Wendy was on the phone, and she also stated that Furonda crown had fake diamonds on it and she then stated \" This is not America's Next Top Best Friend! This is America's Next Top Model.\" For the photo shoot, the girls posed with ice sculptures. Though Jade made a poor impression on the judges with her excuses and took a poor photograph, Wendy, whose family had been affected by Hurricane Katrina, was sent home due to her inability to transfer her modeling potential to photographs."
"This episode featured the eleven remaining contestants practicing the runway. Like contestants from past cycles, several girls tripped or fell during the challenge and during an impromptu Vivienne Westwood style runway challenge at judging. The girls had to do a runway with cockroaches for Jared Gold's spring collection. Gina was very afraid to do the challenge and with Jade knowing this she tried to tell Gina to kiss it making Gina afraid and screeching. Jade Cole was praised for kissing the roach at the end of the runway. For the photoshoot, the girls had to take a photo while falling and were posed as a character from a popular fairy tale."
"Episode four featured the girls receiving lessons on commercial and high-fashion posing. Their challenge was to model for a Sears catalogue, using the four seasons as their back-drop. This week's photoshoot involved the contestants posing as their dream careers."
"In the sixth episode, the girls learned about improv by attending a workshop at The Groundlings. Later, the girls put their skills to use in a challenge led by Nick Cannon. Furonda's quick wit impressed Cannon and his friends, and she won a guest role on Veronica Mars. Furonda also won the opportunity to record a public service announcement about HIV prevention, which she shared with Nnenna. In lieu of a photoshoot that week, the girls once again had to utilize their improv skills in a commercial shoot for CoverGirl. Mollie Sue and Jade were in the bottom two; Jade again for her bad attitude and Mollie Sue because she fails to show any personality. Mollie Sue was ultimately sent home due to her \"lack of persona.\""
"On this episode, the contestants learned the \"runway twirl\" from the Aswirl Twins. They put their knowledge to the test in a church fashion show challenge. Jade and Joanie were two crowd favorites, but in the end, Jade won a $25,000 diamond ring. Jade then chose Furonda to have a $10,000 diamond ring, who lastly chose Nnenna to have an $8,000 diamond ring.\n\nBrooke was mad at Nnenna for not sharing the phone with the other girls because Nnenna kept using the phone to call her boyfriend. The photoshoot required the girls to \"krump\", which is a modern dance style, to advertise Payless ShoeSource shoes. Leslie and Sara wound up in the bottom two, and Sara was saved although her photo was less than stellar and she failed to do well at the judging challenge. In the end, Leslie was eliminated for lacking presence in front of the judges."
"In this week's episode the contestants were critiqued quite harshly by a woman (later revealed to be an actress, whose tactless remarks were aimed to irk). After the critique, each model took a Polaroid shot to measure how they took the criticism and how it affected their work through their facial expressions. Jade won the challenge because she took the criticism she was given without allowing it to affect her negatively. Jade chose Nnenna to share in the prize with her, which turned out to be a visit from a loved one. Nnenna's boyfriend, to her dismay, arrived, as well as Jade's mother. Two photoshoots were taken in this episode, one where the contestants were made up to look like dolls.\n\nThe other shoot directed by Tyra, required each girl to be photographed crying. After the photoshoots the girls all went to the dentist to have their teeth whitened. However, Joanie and Danielle were both offered to have their teeth fixed. Joanie received veneers to fix her snaggletooth, and while Danielle was offered the chance to fix the gap between her front teeth; she refused claiming the gap was a part of who she was. Brooke and Jade were in the bottom two, Brooke for her lackluster performance and misuse of the chances she had been given week to week, and Jade for her overall \"fakeness.\" Ultimately, it was Brooke who was sent home."
"This episode began with a session of press training, in which the final six contestants were taught how to deal with difficult interview questions and given pointers on how to improve. Danielle, who had previously refused to have the gap between her front teeth closed, changed her mind at Tyra's urging in order to attain a more \"CoverGirl\"-like smile. Before long, the contestants were told that they would be heading to Bangkok, Thailand for the remainder of the competition. Upon arriving in the city, they were given the assignment to pose hanging upside down from nets as mermaids over an open floating market. Though Joanie, Jade, and Danielle performed well on this difficult photoshoot, Sara's was considered mediocre and Furonda and Nnenna struggled to turn out a good shot, ultimately landing both of them in the bottom two. Nnenna was eliminated when her progress in the competition came to a stop and the judges felt she was slipping fast."
"This episode is not an actual episode that progresses the story of the sixth cycle of ANTM, but it shows a 'behind-the-scenes' look at each of the episodes up to this point. Jade is revealed to have a \"secret language\" of her own, using made-up words such as \"analystical.\" Kathy's quote equating her chance to compete on ANTM to the odds of her making it to the moon was the inspiration for the episode's title."
"While in Thailand, the girls competed by learning and performing an intricate Thai dance and perform in front of judges. While Furonda's performance made the Thai audience laugh, Joanie was declared the winner of the challenge, breaking the streak of challenge wins by Nnenna and Jade. Danielle was unable to participate in the challenge as she was taken to the hospital for exhaustion, dehydration, and food poisoning, but she returned in time for the week's photoshoot. Tempers rose when Joanie and Jade had an argument. To arrive at the shoot, the girls traveled by elephant deep into the jungle, where they posed on the elephants to advertise Venus razors. At judging, Sara was called out for copying Joanie's photoshoot poses, though both girls turned out good pictures. Jade and Furonda were the bottom two, Jade for her bad attitude and Furonda because she \"doesn't quite get it\". Furonda was eliminated for her lack of ability to take instruction."
"It\u2019s down to the final four models who meet Thai designer Pichita Rucksajit. They are tasked with traveling by \u201ctuk tuk\u201d, a Thai taxi, to meet and impress local designers. Next the girls fly on to Phuket where Tyra gives them a lesson about the regions culture and local history which includes the 2004 Tsunami.\n\nLater the girls hit the beach for a photo shoot modeling Op bikinis to appear in a June\/July 2006 spread in ElleGirl magazine and Amp\u2019d Mobile with Nigel Barker behind the lens."
"It's down to Joanie, Jade and Danielle. While Joanie and Jade do well in the shooting of the CoverGirl commercial, Danielle continues to struggle with her Southern accent. In the end, a runway challenge through an ancient city will reveal this year's America's Next Top Model."
Season 7 - America's Next Top Model
"In the two-hour season premiere, hopefuls from all around the country are narrowed down to thirteen contestants, but before the judges make their decisions about who goes or who stays, the models must participate in a photoshoot - nude. Later, the final thirteen participate in their first challenge, and one model is eliminated."
"The final thirteen participate in their first challenge, and one model is eliminated."
"The models are given makeovers, but one contestant is not pleased with her new look. Also, Queen Latifah guest stars and judges a makeup challenge. Finally, the models participate in a photo shoot, and one is eliminated."
"Past participants join three of this season's models in a fashion show, a model gets sick and enters the hospital, and the girls are put to the test on a runway suspended over water."
"A contortionist teaches the models how to strike extreme poses, which they later use in a circus-themed photo shoot. Back at the house, gossip leaves one woman in tears."
"Janice Dickinson shocks the models at a red-carpet challenge; at a photo shoot, the women pose as celebrity couples. Later, another model is eliminated from the competition."
"Tyra shows up for an unexpected photo shoot but the ladies struggle to get in touch with their sexy side."
"As the finale quickly approaches, this episode looks back at the contestants' journeys throughout the season, including Monique's kitchen meltdown, Jaeda's best Tyra Banks impersonation, and more never-before-seen footage."
"Pro Athlete\/Model Gabrielle Reece teaches the girls the art of action modeling, the models get even more physical for a competition where the winner has to act fast to claim her prize, and then the girls fly during a daring photo shoot at a skydiving training facility."
"During an intense acting challenge, one model chastises the group while another reveals something traumatic in her past. Later, the models freak out when Tyra delivers news of their overseas trip and things heat up when the models shoot a sultry commercial in a foreign language with a male model. During the shoot, one model is devastated by her male counterpart."
"The models hit the foreign streets with their portfolios to meet local designers, but one model has a breakdown when she gets lost in the city. Later, at the photo shoot with Nigel Barker, the girls face off against an angry bull while striking dramatic poses, and one model makes a comment to Nigel that she later regrets."
"In Barcelona, the models' nerves are wearing thin. After a Flamenco photo shoot challenge, one girl breaks down in tears when her dancing is criticized. In unlikely pairs, the models float in a pool of icy water as Tyra directs their photo shoot, but one girl must bow out of the shoot early as hypothermia begins to set in."
"The last three models standing must be on point for the most important commercial and photo shoot yet. The two models that shine at the shoot will remain and compete in a pivotal runway show for the judges. The final two glide down a cavernous catwalk in couture bridal gowns like true top models. But it's not all beauty, for at one point during the show a mishap occurs between the competitors, causing one last catfight to erupt."
Season 8 - America's Next Top Model
"In part one of the eighth season premiere, 32 aspiring models are flown to Los Angeles, where they are immediately thrust into model boot-camp with J. Alexander and Jay Manuel. Later, the girls get a chance to meet Tyra, who gives them a military-style talk, and the catfights erupt as different personalities clash. Finally, the final 13 are selected."
"In part two of the eighth season premiere, the final 13 girls move into their flamboyant Hollywood Hills mansion and are off to their first, and quite controversial, photo shoot with Nigel Barker, which has one model very confused."
"J. Alexander coaches the girls on how to work the runway and puts their skills to the test when they participate in a prom-themed fashion show. Later, the models struggle during a high school themed photo shoot, but one girl rocks it and the praise that she receives makes another model jealous."
"It's makeover time, and chaos unfolds as one girl's makeover is changed twice and another's new look is painful. Meanwhile, a call from home leaves one girl devastated, while a nude candy-coated photo shoot leaves another model nervous."
"Benny Ninja instructs the girls in a posing lesson, which leads to the models being tested in a challenge where they must duck, dive, and pose through a laser maze. Afterwards, the girls participate in a photo shoot showcasing a deathly crime scene."
"The girls are in for some tough calls when they are broken up into teams and asked to design their own group displays at a department store - all while acting as their own mannequins. Drama unfolds after the challenge as one girl - who took advice from her teammates - later claims all the credit for her group's project. Later, the models participate in a photo shoot where they must pose as men, but one girl's transformation into her character shocks everyone else."
"In what promises to be the most dramatic episode of America's Next Top Model to date, Twiggy gives the girls a history lesson on how she got her nickname and asks each model to give herself a nickname of her own, which each girl must then use at a celebrity filled party. While at the party, one girl gets a little too friendly with rapper 50 Cent and gets thrown in the pool. Another model jumps in to help her and both girls end up embarrassed when they are introduced to famous manager Benny Medina and his entourage. Later, Tyra gets involved when all the models unite against another model and crush her with harsh criticisms. Finally, the girls participate in a photo shoot where they must showcase four of their inner personalities."
"The girls' acting skills are put to the test when actress Tia Mowry gives the group an acting lesson, after which they are put to the test with actor Efren Ramirez. The winning model and a friend get unexpected visits. Finally, models from past seasons join the current models in a photo shoot highlighting the series' most scandalous events."
"The girls get interviewing lessons to prepare for their trip down under in Sydney, Australia. Once there, they must use what they have learned about hosting and use it to interview the locals. Finally, the girls are asked to star in a Cover Girl commercial where one model struggles to remember her lines and the other struggles with performance."
"In this special recap episode, never-before-seen footage about the journey of the five remaining contestants is revealed, including a heated argument between two girls and a staged mock elimination by all the girls."
"The remaining five contestants are sent on a mission to impress Australian designers in their go sees. While there, one model shocks designers by requesting to keep the clothes and another has a rage after arriving late. Later, Tyra gives the girls a shoot where they must model swimsuits for a women's magazine. One model impresses Tyra, while another simply falls flat."
"The girls are taught about the art of self expression and storytelling and are later put to the test when they must tell stories of their own using their new skills. Later on, the girls go out but one model stays home sick, giving the other three the chance to gossip about her while she is absent. In their photo shoot, the girls are body painted and must use traditional clothing and Aboriginal dance to express themselves. While one model completely embraces the dancing, another bitterly complains about having to do so. Finally, the panel lights on fire when the girls are asked to give the name of the person who they think has the most potential at winning the competition and one girl gets verbally attacked by the rest."
"The three finalists are ultimately put to the test in their final photo shoot and commercial for CoverGirl. Things do not go so well when one model struggles to look youthful in her pictures and another struggles to say her lines naturally for the commercial. After the CoverGirl shooting is done, one model is eliminated and the final two face off in the final runway challenge, after which the winner of cycle 8 is crowned."
Season 9 - America's Next Top Model
"In the ninth season premiere, the new 33 semifinalists are sent out on a cruise to the Caribbean, where they take part in a life-jacket runway challenge and participate in a beach-themed photo shoot. The ladies are graced by the presence of cycle 8 winner Jaslene Gonzalez, and the final 13 are ultimately chosen."
"The models are introduced to their new \"green\" form of transportation by Jay Manuel. Later on, they move into their mansion and J. Alexander gives them a lesson on style. Soon after, a feud breaks out between two contestants, and another starts to feel out of place. Finally, the ladies participate in a photo shoot portraying the negative aspects of smoking."
"The fabulous Miss J surprises the ladies with a surprising lesson that requires straightjackets to improve their runway walks. Meanwhile, the models decide to help one girl improve her image, and soon after a fierce argument between two competitors breaks out. Finally, the winner of the couture runway challenge is sent to Paris, and the rest of the ladies are left to attend a photo shoot on a rock-climbing wall."
"It's makeover time, and the models are in for drastic change. However, one model breaks down when she is told that she will get all her hair cut off. Meanwhile, the week's challenges include participating in a runway competition and a \"pose-off\" in a jungle photo shoot."
"Benny Ninja takes the models for a lesson on high fashion posing on high grounds as the models are required to pose in the air while jumping off a trampoline and later while being lifted by an ice skater for their challenge. When the winner of the task is announced, however, some of the other competitors become jealous. Finally, the top models must work the camera in a fierce photo shoot that requires them to pose as gargoyles on the top of a building."
"The girls get a lesson on how to be a spokesperson and later must improvise a sales pitch and divide into groups to create public service announcements for charity. The winner of the challenge gets to participate in a makeup photo shoot directed by Mary J. Blige. Meanwhile, the week's theme for the photo shoot is \"green,\" which finds the ladies posing as recyclable materials."
"As the finale quickly approaches, viewers get a chance to see new exclusive footage of the remaining models' journey thus far. Some of the feature clips include Bianca's confrontations with Ebony and Chantal, a lesson on body image by Tyra, and Bianca running into a glass door and hurting her lip."
"The ladies are paid a surprise visit by none other than Tyra Banks herself, who gives them a lesson on how to pose for a moving camera. Meanwhile, as jealousy continues to fly throughout the house, the girls find out that they will participate in an Enrique Iglesias music video. During the shoot, however, one model collapses from exhaustion."
"The ladies meet with student designers and must be their muses in creating a dress. The next day they must work the runway and give a speech about their creations. Meanwhile, the house drama heats up when one girl decides she's had enough bullying from the other models. Finally, the ladies go to the desert, where they participate in the week's photo shoot."
"The models are greeted with a penthouse suite in Shanghai. After that, they learn a lesson on body movement and have to pose midair on high wires. The remaining ladies then shoot a cosmetics commercial."
"The final five must battle it off in go-sees in Shanghai. While in the challenge, some girls get praises from designers while others just fall flat. Later, the ladies participate in a photo shoot with Nigel where they must stand out from a crowd of Chinese costume dragons and lions."
"The fantastic four participate in a challenge where they must turn a traditional Chinese garment into their own. During the task, one model purposefully gives another bad advice. Later on, the ladies take part in a warrior-themed photo shoot and are photographed by Tyra herself."
"The ninth season finishes with the last three contestants shooting a cosmetics commercial. Then, one is sent home and and the final two compete in a runway show is Beijing. The judges then choose the winner."
Season 10 - America's Next Top Model
"35 girls arrive at \"Top Model Prep\" where they meet Mr. Jay Manuel and Miss J. Alexander. They shoot a class photo before commencing runway lessons with Miss J., where Lauren is seen as the weakest walker. Next, the girls attend a bonfire where the \"Homecoming Queen\" is going to be announced. The cheerleaders by the stage are revealed to be a few contestants from past cycles. Mr. Jay then announces that the finalists will be taken to New York City. Homecoming Queen turns out to be Tyra, who surprises the girls, coming from behind the curtains. Casting interviews then commence.\n\nIn between interviews, a fight breaks out between Shaya and Fatima, but they later forgive each other when she reveals that she is a survivor of female circumcision. Memorable auditions include Stacy Ann's lap dance, Fatima telling the judges about her genital mutilation, and Claire's confession about drinking her own breast milk so her baby can breastfeed when she returns home. After the interviews, the girls are pared down to the final 20, where they participate in a senior class photo shoot and have to do their own hair and make up."
"The girls are taken to their loft in New York City featuring a humanitarian theme. Amy decides to change her name to \"Amis\". To Amis, Fatima and Kimberly's frustration, there is a \"no smoking\" sign which leads them to smoke outside of the loft. Mr. and Miss J. arrive and round up the girls for a city tour. The final stop is a Badgley Mischka runway show.\n\nAfter the show, Fatima unintentionally hits Marvita in the face with her hand, brewing tension. The girls are then taken to Elite Model Management building and they meet Paulina Porizkova and Neal Hamil, and Paulina gives each girl brutal and harsh criticism.\n\nAt the photo shoot, the girls have to portray homeless women being surrounded by high fashion models. Most of the girls receive positive feedback, but Amis' over-enthusiasm and Kimberly's dead expressions get criticized. Later, Kimberly admits to Fatima that high fashion is not her interest."
"The girls receive Apple Bottoms apparel that come in white purses. Allison gets offended when Fatima tells her that she has a larger body than hers, and Allison reveals her past struggles with anorexia. The girls are taken to Wal-Mart for a CoverGirl make up challenge, which Claire wins. Back at the house, Allison uses dolls to represent the earlier incident between herself and Fatima. Using an African American doll to represent Fatima, Allison takes a jab at her by saying that Fatima \"likes to take it from the back because she's black\"\n\nLater, the girls receive their makeovers. To mimic a true agency, Tyra doesn't tell the girls their makeovers. Fatima's new weave comes with a lot of pain, but she ends up loving it. There is general satisfaction among the other girls as well, except for Stacy Ann, who wished for Naomi Campbell's long hair.\n\nThe photo shoot takes place on a yacht with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. They meet Elle Macpherson and model her line of lingerie called \"Intimates\"."
"The girls are taken to the New York City Fire Department where they meet Miss J. for a runway teach. They have 90 seconds to change into proper outfits, but Fatima fails to change shoes. The mock runway is performed in front of the firefighters.\n\nTension brews in the house when Aimee calls a shower all to herself, being uncomfortable nude in front of others. When Whitney defends Aimee's conservative views, Fatima and Marvita instead vent their frustrations on Whitney.\n\nThe girls are then taken to a runway show where they have to walk for fashion label \"Tuleh\", and they meet Cycle 8 winner Jaslene Gonzalez, who critiques them after the show. Fatima and Whitney's wardrobe malfunctions don't go unnoticed, and Lauren's speedy walk is heavily criticized. Katarzyna wins the challenge, and picks Amis and Marvita to join in her prize - a Lot 29 photo shoot in Seventeen magazine with Jaslene.\n\nFor the week's photo shoot, the girls are taken to the Meat Packing District, posing with and wearing meat. Aimee, Amis and Fatima all struggle in the strange environment.\n\nTwenty minutes before panel, Amis is still sleeping, and she only has time to don a headband and sweater. Unsurprisingly, she is criticized for not dressing like a model. While Anya and Whitney shine, Tyra tells Lauren that she would have been called first if not for her bad walk."
"The girls meet posing instructor Benny Ninja, who teams up with supermodel Vendela Kirsebom to teach the girls the different poses for catalogue, commercial and couture shoots in an abandoned warehouse. Back at the house, Whitney creates a phone list which is a schedule that assigns each girl a limited amount of time to call home. When Dominique misses her phone time, she causes a row with Whitney, escalating to the point where Dominique accuses Whitney of being a racist, of which the latter denies.\n\nFor their challenge, Benny and Vendela test their knowledge of the three types of poses by pitting them against each other in a posing challenge. Team B, consisting of Claire, Katarzyna, Marvita, Stacy Ann and Whitney, ultimately wins a trip to a swag tent. Claire is deemed the best overall and wins an additional prize - a trip to Bora Bora.\n\nThe week's photo shoot required the girls to do an extreme beauty shot with paint as their main makeup. Most girls deliver once again but Fatima, Marvita and Whitney all struggle with their shoots.\n\nAt panel, most of the girls are praised for strong shots, especially Stacy Ann's, but Marvita and Whitney's pictures are deemed unsatisfactory. The judges think Fatima's picture is beautiful but she is heavily criticized for not shaving her armpits, which shows in her picture."
"This episode starts with Dominique's alarm clock going off sporadically throughout the night, irritating her roommates, mostly Claire. Tension mounts when Lauren, Claire, and Whitney accuse Dominique of being a negative person, and gang up on her bringing her to tears. But her mom convinces her that she is better than them and Dominique believes her and tries to ignore them.\n\nTyra teaches the girls how to pose at the end of the runway and how to pose while looking pained. She then declares a pose-off, in which Anya impresses Tyra the most. The teach was actually a secret challenge, and Anya wins a chance to shoot timeless nude photographs taken by Nigel Barker.\n\nWhitney is commended for her photo, while Fatima is finally given approval for her range of poses. Katarzyna produces her best photograph to date while sporting a wig, which inspires Tyra to give her a haircut."
"Tension brews when Lauren accidentally dumps away Fatima's unfinished coffee. While Fatima remains calm, Lauren starts swearing at Fatima.\n\nThe girls arrive at the Elite building for their go-sees challenge, and are split into two groups of four. The models walk for three designers, where they all receive rather positive reviews but the designers criticize Lauren's walk. There is concern that Whitney and Dominique's dislike of each other would impede their team's progress, but their team nevertheless wins the challenge, with Stacy Ann receiving the most bookings in the winning team. The entire team wins a shoot for the June issue of Seventeen magazine.\n\nAt the photo shoot, the girls have to pose over a mylar sheet in water from the off-Broadway show Fuerzabruta. Claire hurts her neck after falling straight down on the sheet, causing her to struggle with her shoot. Despite the advantage of her awkward look in her past photos, Lauren receives negative critique from Jay during the photo shoot. Katarzyna also receives her new haircut, which she takes great delight in despite tearing up a bit at first."
"This was the cycle's recap episode. It reviewed the first seven episodes and showed some never-before-seen footage, including Stacy Ann singing to the judges during casting, Claire's breastmilk-pumping antics, Marvita parading around the house naked as well as annoying the other girls by playing badly on a guitar, the New York firefighters' mock runway show, Anya photographing the other girls, a playful wrestling fight between some girls and a fun night out at \"Libation\", a New York pub, where Stacy Ann takes a bottle of \"complimentary\" vodka back home."
"The girls learn about interview skills from Paulina Porizkova. Lauren cuts the tip of her thumb while chopping onions and needs stitches.\n\nThis week's challenge required the girls to work a \"green\" carpet at a 7 Up party and handle themselves well at the party. Anya is praised for her ability to connect with others, and wins another nude photo shoot for 7 Up and $10,000 as payment.\n\nTyra Mail hints to the girls that they are going abroad, and the girls pack their belongings. They are taken to an airplane-themed photo shoot where Jay tells them that they will be portraying a group of jet-setters boarding the airplane, using their suitcases as props. Fatima runs into trouble regarding her travel document and misses the photo shoot because of an appointment she had made to fix the issue at the consulate.\n\nAfter the shoot, the girls are surprised that judging will take place immediately - at the tarmac hangar-and revealing that after the judging, they will be jet-setting for their abroad location; but Tyra didn't tell them where they will go to save it for last. Most of the girls are praised especially Dominique for being perky in her photo despite her \"manly\" face (with Tyra remembering Cycle 6's Joanie in her Krumping Photo Shoot). Whitney was criticized for being too \"pageantry\" (but Jay Manuel gave her credit for working hard on set). Stacy Ann was lambasted for not knowing her angles."
"The girls arrive in Rome, where they tour the city before going to their new home. Not long after, Fatima comes down with a fever and Anya helps her by bringing her dinner while Dominique gossips about her.\n\nClaudio Brassini gives the girls a fashion tour on Segways. Then they go to their challenge, where Gai Mattiolo judges their walks and how they look in his clothing. Anya wins the challenge and her prize is a long, white, red carpet dress, designed by Gai Mattiolo.\n\nThe girls film a CoverGirl commercial in Italian. Fatima, Katarzyna and Whitney are the only ones able to get their lines out fully. Jay calls out Whitney for acting too fake, Katarzyna for being too flat, while naming Fatima the best of the day. Anya's lines are unintelligible, Dominique overacts and doesn't get many words right, while Lauren gives up, saying that she is not a CoverGirl."
"The girls are brought to a gladiator fighting school, where fighting instructor, Alex Mariotti, teaches them the basics of gladiator fighting. After donning gladiator costumes, Mr. Jay and Miss J. explain that the teach was supposed to help them bring out more versatility and power in their photos, before revealing the photo challenge, using the moves that they have just learned but still keep grace and composure. Whitney wins the challenge and is given a \u20ac1000 shopping spree, and chooses Anya to accompany her.\n\nThe girls are taken to a Roman castle for their photo shoot dressed in modern Renaissance fashion, where Tyra shoots them. All of the girls but Katarzyna and Whitney receive praise. At panel, Dominique is heralded for producing a gorgeous shot, but is criticized for dressing too \"game-show\"-ish. Anya's photograph receives universal praise, though the judges voice concern over her generic personality. Katarzyna is criticized for having dead eyes in her photograph (with Paulina Porizkova saying that her eye expression was supposed to work out but didn't came through)and for her seemingly flat personality, while Whitney is criticized for her \"cramped\" poses."
"In order to better understand their role in front of the camera, the girls are given a lesson in photography. This is followed by a challenge in which they must direct and shoot Paulina Porizkova, as Seventeen editor Ann Shoket looks on. Dominique's lack of focus and Anya's over-enthusiasm gets critiqued, while Fatima and Whitney's professionalism gets praised. Fatima is chosen as the winner, with a reward of 50 extra frames at the upcoming photo shoot.\n\nAt the photo shoot with Nigel Barker as the photographer, the girls portray Italian movie stars being pursued by the paparazzi. Mr. Jay and Nigel experience difficulty getting the girls into character, leaving all feeling vulnerable. At panel, Anya is commended for a stunning photo, though it is noted that it was essentially an accident and that she required continual coaching from Jay. Whitney is told by Paulina that she at last produced a photo that does her beauty justice."
"The remaining three girls are put to the test when they have to shoot a commercial and a photo shoot for CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara. It is revealed that the winner of the cycle will have her ad on a billboard in Times Square. During the commercial, all of the girls struggle with their lines, but still manage to look like real CoverGirls.\n\nDuring judging, the judges commented that Whitney's commercial was average but deemed her photo stellar, while they were not impressed by Fatima's robotic performance in her commercial. Anya's commercial is described as a \"trainwreck\", but that is overlooked by her personality on film and her stellar look in the commercial. However, her beauty shot, as portrayed by Paulina, came off as her looking \"stupid\".\n\nAnya was called first for her personality in her commercial, leaving Fatima and Whitney in the bottom two, both for the fourth time. Tyra is still not clear who Whitney actually is and whether she is not as beautiful as she seems to be and act. They also criticize Fatima for being stubborn and uninspiring in photo shoots. Whitney moves on and Fatima is eliminated.\n\nNigel shoots the final two's Seventeen magazine cover for the July edition, where they both do a good job.\n\nThe two finalists must then compete in a Italian fashion runway show. Anya and Whitney compete against each other in Versace gowns, with their outfits handpicked by the designer herself, Donatella Versace. During the show, Whitney and Anya both have their up's and downs for their runway walks.\n\nDuring the final deliberation, Whitney was told she did a very good job except that she forgot to pose long enough at the end of the runway. Anya was told she didn't walk as strongly compared to Whitney's confident strut, but she still looked stunning. The judges then examine both Anya and Whitney's body of work. The judges felt that Anya's photos were more \"edgy\" and \"high fashion\", while Whitney's were more \"warm and approachable\"."
Season 11 - America's Next Top Model
"The 33 semifinalists are driven to San Fernando Valley, California, where they meet Alpha J and Beta J (Jay Manuel and Miss J.) at the fictitious \u201cTop Model Institute of Technology\u201d. Inside, they go through a series of reviews and catwalk analysis. Later, Tyra-bot (Tyra Banks) meets the contestants and individual interviews begin. In between, Isis reveals that she is transgender, surprising some of the other contestants. Twenty of those vying continue and they take part in the first photo shoot \u2013 posing in blue metallic catsuits. After final deliberations, fourteen contestants are chosen."
"The fourteen finalists are driven to their homebase loft in Los Angeles, California. The contestants ask Isis King questions regarding her gender transition, drawing both empathy and disdain. The next day, they visit Magic Castle, a private club for magicians, where judges Nigel Barker, Paulina Porizkova and the Jays conduct one-to-one interviews with the contestants. The photo shoot theme was voting with each model portraying a political issue.\n\nDuring judging, a new twist is revealed - whoever gets called first would have her picture up in the house for the whole week, and the first honor goes to Marjorie."
"The contestants meet posing coach Benny Ninja and contortionist Bree Robertson for a lesson on extreme posing inside fabric tubes. The following day, the posing challenge features Tarina Tarantino jewelry and handbags. Many of the girls utilize awkward poses, but Sheena's inappropriately suggestive pose gets criticized. Elina wins the challenge, and receives a handbag full of the featured jewelry for being the best.\n\nAt the house, Isis is shown injecting hormones to aid in her gender transition; they make her nauseous. Elina kisses Clark during a game of truth or dare. Tensions rise when Hannah pushes Isis in the jacuzzi, and later says seemingly racist remarks, and is confronted.\n\nThe photo shoot has the models hanging from a rope ladder, the images are later digitally composited to photos of a hot air balloon. At judging, after first denying that she had surgery, Sheena admits she did have breast augmentation."
"The girls are ecstatic when Tyra announces it's time for makeovers, but of course tears are shed at the end results of the maneuver. Meanwhile, supermodel Susan Holmes stops by to guide the girls through a swimsuit-themed photo shootTyra joins the models over pizza, after which she announces that makeovers will commence the following day. Unlike most previous cycles, the girls are not aware of their new looks until after they are completed. Many of them love their new look, but Elina cries expressing that her look does not fit the image she has of herself. Afterwards, the girls are taken to Wal Mart for a CoverGirl makeup challenge in which they have to record a 30-second commercial without a script. Hannah's commercial is deemed the best, earning her a featured spot on the CoverGirl website and a $1000 Wal Mart gift card.\n\nThe girls takes part in a Sports Illustrated-style photo shoot featuring Susan Holmes swimwear. As some added pressure to the situation, Holmes herself is present for the shoot, and Jay Manuel holds back all critique and direction.."
"The girls get a runway lesson at a bowling alley from J. Alexander. The next day, they participate in a runway show for Jeremy Scott. There are two twists. Firstly, they will be wearing see-through blindfolds, and secondly, one girl will be instantly eliminated following the challenge. Despite being instructed not to do so, Samantha pulled up her dress while posing on the runway. However, Hannah was deemed the worst walker and was thus eliminated. Hannah is the second ANTM contestant to be eliminated outside of judging panel. The first is Magdalena Rivas of Cycle 3. Joslyn's performance was deemed the best, winning her a photo shoot for Seventeen which she shared with Isis and Sheena.\n\nThis week's photo shoot would be taking place in their own pool. Nigel Barker photographs the girls as they pose with their faces partially underwater, with an emphasis on their eyes. While many receive positive feedback, Elina, Isis and Joslyn struggle with the shoot."
"Paulina drops by to give the models a lesson on how to model unflattering clothing. Meanwhile, the photo shoot of the week requires the ladies to pose as Los Angeles natural disasters."
"Tyra helps the ladies find their best pose and gets them ready for a photo shoot. Later, the models will lean how to express emotion while attending a fake awards ceremony. Finally, the judges remove one more model."
"This is the recap episode featuring some never-before-seen footage, including Samantha being left without a bed at the start of the competition, an argument between Elina and Sheena regarding animal activism, McKey cooking meals for the girls because she feels left out, Sheena losing hair during her makeover, Nikeysha rapping, a night out at Red Pearl Kitchen in Hollywood and a bee attack.\n\nTop Model in Action: Nicole Linkletter (Cycle 5)"
"The girls get a lesson from the Aswirl Twins on how to properly showcase a garment. This is immediately followed by a challenge in which they must wear a green bodysuit to mask their bodies via greenscreen while modeling clothing for Petro Zillia, judged by Ann Shoket.\n\nThe following day, the girls meet Cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson for a CoverGirl commercial shoot. They are allotted five takes and get to read their lines from a teleprompter.\n\nAt judging, Tyra challenges the girls to walk in wooden clogs, leading her to announce that they will be going to Amsterdam, though one contestant will be eliminated first."
"When the girls arrive in the Netherlands they are split into pairs to find their house through a series of tasks. The girls then go to the Red Light district for yet another challenge, this time posing as store-front models selling various designers' dresses.\n\nFor the photo shoot, the girls pose in 17th century couture gowns on a boat."
"The girls go on 'go-sees': this is defined as simply an appointment arranged by the model or actor\/actress (or by the agency). It is an opportunity for the model or actor\/actress to interview with clients such as magazine editors, art directors, casting directors, catalogue houses, and the people who make TV commercials and movies.\n\nLater, Tyra is the photographer and takes two pictures of the girls - one with a simple, clean face and one as a diva."
"Paulina teaches the models how to hold an object in their hand while modeling, such as a fish or toilet paper. Later, a group of guys are invited over for a night of fun by the girls."
"The final three received Tyra Mail informing them that their CoverGirl commercials would be the next day. When they arrived, the girls found out that the commercials would be held on a boat traveling through Amsterdam, and that they would each have to deliver a \"scene-stealing kiss\" at the end of the commercial.\n\nAfterwards, all the girls shot their CoverGirl print ads with Jim De Yonker.\n\nThe final two were then announced, who then shot their Seventeen Magazine cover tries, in an attempt to impress Ann Shoket.\n\nThey then joined Cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson and Holland's Next Top Model, Cycle 4 winner Ananda Marchildon at a whimsical, fairytale-themed fashion show.\n\n* Featured photographers: Jim De Yonker, Nigel Barker\n\n* Featured commercial directors: Jay Manuel, Elyssa Traub\n\n* Top Model in Action: Anya Kop (Cycle 10)"
Season 13 - America's Next Top Model
"Cycle 13 of America's Next Top Model finally gives short girls their chance to shine...all contestants this time around are five-foot seven and shorter! Fourteen petite beauties are chosen to live in the model house, but not all chosen will show up... Tyra wastes no time giving the girls their makeovers, and it seems that past episodes have not taught some girls that cranky reactions to their new looks do not go over well with the judges."
"Cycle 13 of America's Next Top Model finally gives short girls their chance to shine...all contestants this time around are five-foot seven and shorter! Fourteen petite beauties are chosen to live in the model house, but not all chosen will show up... Tyra wastes no time giving the girls their makeovers, and it seems that past episodes have not taught some girls that cranky reactions to their new looks do not go over well with the judges."
"There is a special double elimination this week on America's Next Top Model. Plus, a day at the races reveals more than the contestants bargained for when they learn they'll be posing on top of the racehorses...nude."
"The ladies meet with Miss J for tips on how to perfect their strut in order to prepare for their first runway show for designer Kevan Hall. One contestant opens up about a former abusive relationship. Petite supermodel Jaime Rishar is this week's guest judge."
"The girls are taught how to do their own make-up by Sam Fine and each girl is given individual tips. Later they meet Nigel and Crissy Barker for a CoverGirl challenge, where they have to race and do their own styling and make-up through various sessions, with the last girls eliminated at each session."
"Benny Ninja stops by to teach the nine remaining contestants to dance with no expression on their faces. Then it's off to Las Vegas, where the girls pose in a photo shoot inspired by Cirque du Soleil. Yet another petite supermodel serves as a guest judge--Josie Maran."
"The models navigate their way through Los Angeles as they attend go-see sessions with designers. The photo shoot has a martial-arts theme that requires the ladies to hang on wires. Model Jessica White is a guest judge."
"The girls learn how to interview celebrities, but some falter when their teleprompter goes haywire. Later, they once again fly without a net when they do a Covergirl commercial, because they are the ones writing their own scripts. Kim Kardashian serves as guest judge."
"The overseas location is revealed--Hawaii! But will all the girls end up in the surf and sun? Just in case, they will all take surfing lessons in order to prepare themselves for the photo shoot this week. And there's just one more twist--they will all represent biracial women. Kirsty Hume serves as guest judge."
"The models explore cliffs in Hawaii and strike poses while jumping into water. The photo shoot takes place in the ocean. Supermodel Marisa Miller is a guest judge."
"The final four models learn hip-hop hula moves to better channel Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes, for the photo shoot. And then the bad news: the ladies learn that two of them will be eliminated."
"It all boils down to the moment when Tyra reveals who will become America's Next Top Model. The final two girls must pull out all the stops to impress the judges and nail their final CoverGirl commercial in Hawaii."
"Never before seen footage of the 5'7\" and under models of cycle 13 of America's Next Top Model."
Season 14 - America's Next Top Model
"The 14th season begins with 33 models vying for 13 spots. After the cut is made, the 13 ladies move into a New York City loft and undergo makeovers. Perez Hilton appears; Andr\u00e9 Leon Talley, Vogue editor-at-large, joins the panel of judges."
"The models pose nude at their first photo shoot. Andr\u00e9 Leon Talley, Vogue editor-at-large, joins the judges; and the first elimination occurs."
"Toccara Jones from Cycle 3 tests the models' fashion knowledge. Dance is the theme of the photo shoot, and the ladies are required to demonstrate some fancy footwork. At panel, one contestant considers quitting the competition."
"The models pose as vampires in a bloody bathtub at the photo shoot. Back at the loft, two girls get into a screaming match."
"The models pose with comedian Ross Mathews and have five frames to create a seductive photo, but will the funny man make it difficult for the girls to keep a straight face? Then it's a visit New York's garment district, where the models pile on all things fake and have to pose through the craziness. Former supermodel Pat Cleveland acts as guest judge."
"The girls visit Ann Shoket at the Seventeen Magazine headquarters, and Alasia\u2019s insistence on taking a shower beforehand causes them to be late. Ann teaches them about how to dress in order to flatter all kinds of body types. They are then given 5 minutes to dress themselves up, and as a surprise, all of them get to keep the outfits they chose. The next night, the girls are invited to Tinsley Mortimer\u2019s launch party of her new line of handbags, and are given the opportunity to mingle with the guests as well as to have some one-on-one time with Tinsley. Jessica\u2019s sunny personality and cute outfit impresses Tinsley the most and she wins a photo shoot in Seventeen Magazine, which she shares with Brenda and Raina.\n\nThe photo shoot takes place on a subway, which is also their first CoverGirl assignment. The girls have to portray different facets of New York women."
"Guest judge Whitney Port visits the girls as they prepare for the runway challenge; the girls pose with big hair for a photo shoot. At panel the girls are told that 6 of them would travel to New Zealand."
"The six remaining models travel to New Zealand and participate in go-sees with six designers. At the photo shoot, the girls all model the same dress and pose with a sheep."
"Special guest judge and \"Lord of the Rings\" actress Sarah McLeod welcome the girls to the Hobbiton in New Zealand, where the girls do a quick five-frame photo shoot. During this week's photo shoot, Tyra goes behind the camera with the final five models."
"Like the last cycle, the models go from the final four to the final two; that means half the girls go home tonight. The remaining two contestants do the requisite Covergirl commercial shoot and runway show, this time featuring Anna Sui."
"The remaining two contestants do the requisite Covergirl commercial shoot and runway show, this time featuring Anna Sui."
"Highlights from Cycle 14 of the models trying to make a good impression."
Season 15 - America's Next Top Model
"The 15th cycle begins with 32 would-be models in Palm Springs, where they attempt to become one of the 14 finalists. The ladies attend a party hosted by designer Cynthia Rowley. The season's theme is high fashion."
"The models take hurtful words from their past and turn them into empowerment and high fashion. Demi Lovato visits the set to talk about teen bullying."
"It's that time again: makeovers! There are the usual tears and trepidations, but this time it'll cost one of the models her place in the competition. Later, the girls portray fearless fallen angels in their photo shoot with male models, but for the contestant that is a lesbian, can she muster the necessary passion?"
"The girls head to a theme park where they must pose while riding a rollercoaster. The winner of the challenge is photographed for a feature on by Tyra herself. This week's photo shoot takes the girls underwater as they are photographed by top beauty photographer Matthew Rolston, who is also this week's guest judge."
"A tunnel in downtown Los Angeles is the setting for the most trecherous runway challenge yet: Herve Leger dresses, heels and a conveyor belt. The mayhem carries over to the photo shoot, where it's the models vs. Lucha Libre wrestlers. Back at the model house, Kasey continues to do battle with the other girls."
"It\u2019s that point in the season between the beginning and the end: we aren\u2019t going abroad yet or doing go-sees, but the numbers are whittling down. In the first scene, several contestants express their feelings about the competition. Kayla expresses hope that she will win. Ann says she feels more confident now that she has received so much praise. Chelsey says she really wants to win and start her modeling career."
"During this week's challenge the girls head over to The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles where Neil Portman, President and CEO of The Recording Academy, reveals that one of them will be chosen to be a \"Grammy Girl\" during The 2011 Grammy Awards. During this week's photo shoot the models portray an iconic fashion designer for photographer Francesco Carrozzini, who is also this week's guest judge."
"Designer Zac Posen surprises the girls at their beach house to inform them they will be wearing his fall 2010 collection during this week's runway challenge on America's Next Top Model"
"Tyra informs the final six girls they will be moving to Italy. Upon arrival in Venice, the girls pose in their first group photo shoot on a gondola before heading to Milan where they visit their first Italian Fashion House, Missoni. Fashion designer and model Margherita Missoni is this week's guest judge."
"Before sending the girls to the streets of Milan for go-sees, Tyra helped them organize their portfolios. Amongst one of their four appointments was Versace \u2013 and all the girls naturally headed there first. Chris injured her ankle on the way back. Ann was the only one who booked Versace, though she arrived late for evaluation and was disqualified together with Kayla. Chelsey was the only girl able to visit two go-sees, winning her the challenge."
"The girls met Miss J. and acting coach Barbara Terrinoni, who taught them about acting and emoting. Later, their personalities and confidence were put to the test when they met one-on-one with Vogue Italia's editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani. Franca was impressed by Ann\u2019s pictures, but ultimately chose Chelsey to win the prize of a private viewing of Leonardo Da Vinci\u2019s \u201cThe Last Supper\u201d with Andr\u00e9 Leon Talley, as well as an overnight stay at a seven star Milan hotel called the Town House Galleria, which she shared with Kayla."
"This is the recap episode of the cycle chronicling the first eleven episodes, and included some unbroadcast footage. Chelsey's 23rd birthday, Jane's makeover to a thug, some funny moments and fights."
"Ann and Chelsey were sent to do their Vogue Italia cover shots, where the photographer lauded them both. They arrived at Orta San Giulio and were sent to shoot their CoverGirl commercial, where instead of memorizing lines, they were instructed to do voice-overs. After the shoot, their families made a surprise appearance, where it was revealed that they would be sitting at the front row during their final fashion show. The next day, the final two met IMG Models executive Ivan Bart, where Ivan was pleased with Chelsey's personality and modeling experience, while Ann was advised to work on her personality, though her photos impressed. Ann and Chelsey were joined by Cycle 14 winner Krista White and eliminated cycle 15 girls Chris, Kayla, Jane and Liz as they walked for Roberto Cavalli's Just Cavalli line."
Season 16 - America's Next Top Model
"The semi-finalists for Cycle 16 head to Los Angeles, where Jay Manuel and Miss J. help Tyra Banks pull a surprise switcheroo before the 14 finalists are chosen and move into the Top Model penthouse. At a beautiful Malibu estate, the models meet model\/designer Erin Wasson and learn to walk a narrow runway in a plastic bubble! Top fashion photographer Russell James is on hand for a backstage photo shoot. Finally, Andr\u00e9 Leon Talley and Nigel Barker join Erin and Tyra Banks on the judges' panel for the first elimination of Cycle 16."
"After Tyra's nutritionist, Heather Bauer, tests the models\" knowledge of healthy foods and gives them tips on \"cheaties\" they can use to improve their diet, two of the girls get into a verbal smackdown over a piece of chicken. With the help of acting coach Eugene Buica, Nigel challenges the girls to perform for the camera by getting in touch with their \"inner critic.\" Photographer Mike Rosenthal and Jay Manuel take the models through a dramatic photo shoot with live bees, and one of the girls faces a personal crisis. Model and actress Alek Wek joins the judges to decide which girl will be eliminated."
"The models spend a drama-filled day getting makeovers with top hair stylist Laurent D and fashion photographer Troy Jensen. At the next photo shoot, fashion stylist Lori Goldstein dresses the girls in couture dresses and photographer Pamela Hanson shoots them in small groups, leading to more than one meltdown. One of the models continues to push everyone's buttons. Lori Goldstein joins the judges panel to decide which girl will be eliminated."
"The models are shocked to find that fire will be an element of their next runway challenge for designer Geoffrey Mac. Next, the models work in pairs to film a retro-style coffee commercial with photographer\/director Francesco Carrozzini. Later, Carrozzini joins the judges panel to decide which girl will be eliminated."
"The models face a unique challenge when they work as teams to write, direct and perform a commercial for a new line of CoverGirl cosmetics, all while dealing with emotional tension that leads one of the models to read the diary of another model. At the Los Angeles Zoo, the models wear a new line of faux fur clothes by stylist Rachel Zoe and pose with wild animals. Rachel Zoe also joins the judges panel to decide which girl will be eliminated."
"Tyra helps the girls discover their individual \"fashion archetypes,\" and gives them tips on how to deal with fame. After a challenge that involves meeting and interacting with the public at the Century City Mall, the winners get a dinner out with Miss Jay, while the loser has a bit of a meltdown. At the shoot with photographer Jonathan Mannion, the models pose wearing mud, and almost nothing else. Supermodel Sonia Dara joins the judges' panel to decide which girl will be eliminated."
"At a shoot with photographer and judge Nigel Barker, the models wear fashions designed for Ford's \"Warriors in Pink\" campaign and compete to appear in a national print ad. The winner also gets a huge surprise, and the shoot ends with an angry confrontation between two of the models. Next, Miss J. takes the models on a field trip to Universal Studios for a VIP tour, where they are joined by Jay Manuel for a shoot with photographer Miguel Starcevich and \"Gossip Girl\" stylist Eric Damon. Daman joins the judges for an extra-dramatic panel, where one of the girls has a total meltdown."
"Tyra educates the models about the importance of a portfolio, which will prove valuable when they learn the challenge is to complete a round of go-see's in Los Angeles. Later, the girls are dismayed to learn their shoot will take place at a landfill, where they will wear eco-friendly couture creations by designer Michael Cinco and be photographed by judge\/photographer Nigel Barker. Handbag and accessories designer Lana Marks joins the judges' panel to decide which girl will be eliminated."
"Rewind and review the fashions, the friendships and the dramatic disagreements that make up the 16th cycle of \"Top Model\"."
"The remaining models arrive in Marrakesh, Morroco, where they get to explore the city and enjoy the sights. During a challenge, one of the girls has a meltdown when none of the designer clothing fits her figure. At the photo shoot, one of the models is chastised for trying to direct the shoot, while another deals with body images issues that threaten her photos. Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani joins the judges' panel to decide which girl will be eliminated and leaving Morocco."
"he four remaining girls taste the delicacies in Morocco and, during a difficult challenge where the girls must conduct a tea tray-balancing dance with a twist, one of the models loses her cool. At the photo shoot in the outdoor market, one of the girls tries to overcome feeling sick, while another loses her confidence. London based fashion designer Daniella Issa Helayel joins the judges' panel to help choose the final three models."
"The three remaining models struggle through a talk show correspondent challenge and receive an impromptu visit by Tyra that turns into a photo shoot. During another photo shoot, which includes a male model, they're all struggle to remain composed with so much at stake and Ivan Bart, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of IMG Models, joins the judges' panel to help choose the final two models."
"There are only two girls left and the pressure takes a toll. During the taping of a Cover Girl commercial, one model overanalyzes her shoot and the other model's nerves begin to get the best of her. Later, the girls get a surprise that brings them both to tears and participate in a final runway show, where disaster strikes for one of the models. Jay Manuel joins the final judges' panel, where America's Next Top Model is chosen."
"No description"
Season 17 - America's Next Top Model
"Cycle 17 features the first-ever All-Star cast, with fan favorites and outrageous personalities from different cycles as they square off and compete for the grand prize. This cycle will feature a variety of women who will go head-to-head as personalities clash and the competition gets intense as they vie for attention and the grand prize. The first photo shoot has the women re-enacting memorable moments from the previous cycles they appeared on. Andr\u00e9 Leon Tally and Nigel Barker join guest judge Nicki Minaj and Tyra Banks on the judges' panel for the first elimination of the All-Star cycle."
"The models receive makeovers and take part in a branding-theme photo shoot."
"Kristin Cavallari gives the models tips on being a celebrity in Hollywood and Mario Lopez tests their interview skills. At the photo shoot, the girls pose on stilts."
"The All-Stars audition for a role on popular television show \"CSI,\" in front of creator of the \"CSI\" franchise, Anthony Zuiker."
"The women model fashions from the Kardashian Collection for a runway challenge at the Santa Monica Pier with Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian in attendance."
"The women are divided into two teams for a flag football challenge with professional football players."
"At a photo shoot where the models pose as reality stars, the tension is high and the all-stars begin to get on each other's nerves."
"The All-Stars are given the most difficult challenge yet, as they are asked to write and sing a song about their lives, with a surprising twist."
"The women find out they are headed abroad to Greece and given the opportunity to collaborate with designer Michael Cinco."
"The women find out they will be judged by each other during a challenge, where one of the All-Stars is confronted about her insecurities. The women also get some time off to enjoy Greece and its night life. Nigel Barker photographs the models re-creating ancient Olympic sports."
"Rewind and review the challenges, photo shoots and dramatic personalities that make up the All-Star cycle of \"Top Model.\""
"It is down to four women and the competition is intense. The All-Stars have to write a fashion blog for Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani and also get the opportunity to work with Tyra on a motion editorial."
"The women participate in the final photo shoot and a challenging runway finale that includes flying and modeling under water."
Season 18 - America's Next Top Model
"Cycle 18 returns with its first-ever \"British Invasion,\" featuring former contestants from \"Britain's Next Top Model\" and an all-new crop of American model hopefuls competing for the grand prize. The first photo shoot has the women squaring off while posing as famous British and American public figures. New judge Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join guest judge Kelly Osbourne and Tyra Banks on the judges' panel for the first elimination of the cycle."
"It's Make-Over Time and reality star Kris Jenner is the guest judge. Some of the models resist getting make-overs and a few of them are unhappy with their new looks. The women take part in an unusual photo shoot where they have to model as toddlers while posing with Kris as well as her daughters Kendall and Kylie. Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join guest judge Kris Jenner and Tyra Banks on the judges' panel for elimination."
"The women have to create an ad campaign, which includes casting, wardrobe, providing props and hair and make-up. During the challenge, the models are mentored by Kelly Cutrone, who intimidates some of the women. At the photo shoot for the campaign, some of the models cannot handle the critique and start to break down. One model in particular clashes with Kelly and walks off the judging panel. Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join guest judge Cat Deeley and Tyra Banks on the judges' panel for elimination."
"The American women start to break down while the British rally together. One of the women feels defeated and considers leaving the competition. At the challenge, the models are asked to create their own television commercial. During the photo shoot, the women model British couture hats while posing in vintage American cars. Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join J. Alexander and Tyra Banks on the judges' panel for elimination."
"The women head to Toronto for fashion week where they have to go on castings to book modeling jobs. Some of the models get discouraged when they don't book any runway shows. At the photo shoot, the women pose in foliage while being covered in maple syrup. Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join guest judge Beverly Johnson and Tyra Banks on the judges' panel for elimination."
"The women are mentored by \"America's Next Top Model All-Star\" winner Lisa D' Amato as they are divided into teams to create and record music videos. One model in particular has a tough time catching on to the choreography. At the video shoot, former Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta and Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle are brought in to offer their expertise. Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join guest judges Jessica Sutta and Nadine Coyle as well as Tyra Banks on the judges' panel for elimination."
"The models must collaborate with young girls on a PSA for an anti-bullying campaign; singer Estelle poses with the contestants during the photo shoot."
"The models go to castings for the opportunity to open a fashion show for one of the Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize finalists with fashion's elite, including Marchesa's Georgina Chapman in attendance. At a photo shoot, a few of the women struggle while modeling heavy Hello Kitty couture gowns. Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join guest judge Georgina Chapman as well as Tyra Banks on the judges' panel for elimination."
"The final six women head to Macau, where they get a reading from an astrologer and are challenged with re-creating their auras through fashion and beauty. At the photo shoot, the models have to pose in exquisite silk gowns, while accessorized with silkworms crawling on their bodies. Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join guest judge Barney Cheng as well as Tyra Banks on the judges\u2019 panel for elimination."
"The models are challenged with having to learn a fight sequence and act in a scene with Nicholas Tse, international actor and pop star. The pressure is on as the women have to pose while harnessed atop a high rise tower in extreme rain and wind. Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join guest judge Nicholas Tse as well as Tyra Banks on the judges\u2019 panel for elimination."
"The models make their way through Hong Kong to attend go-sees, where one of the women loses her confidence and crumbles under the pressure. At the photo shoot for the \u201cAmerica\u2019s Next Top Model\u201d fragrance, Dream Come True, the stakes are raised as the models pose in front of the client, Hatch Beauty founder Ben Bennett. Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join guest judge, photographer Jez Smith, as well as Tyra Banks on the judges\u2019 panel for elimination."
"Rewind and review the challenges, photo shoots and dramatic personalities that make up the British Invasion cycle of \u201cTop Model.\""
"The final models participate in their Covergirl commercial and photo shoot, where one of the women has a panic attack and is taken to the hospital. For the first time in \"Top Model\" history, the women will take part in a holographic runway show interacting with lifelike images and also walk in sync with the outline of their own bodies. Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join Jay Manuel and Tyra Banks on the judges\u2019 panel to choose the winner."
Season 19 - America's Next Top Model
"The 19th cycle begins by scouring the country and looking for the freshest faces among America's most beautiful college students; the finalists prepare for their first runway walk and fashion show in front of a live audience as well as the judges."
"The contestants must pose as taxidermy animals for guest photographer and \"90210\" actress Shenae Grimes, but several of the girls end up looking like deer in headlights more so than models; Bryanboy joins the show as social media correspondent."
"The contestants head to the Cristophe Salon in Beverly Hills where they will bleached, chopped and dyed for their makeover challenge. Then, the competition heats up when the clothes come off for a nude photo session that is artfully shot by celebrity photographer Tony Duran."
"Tensions flare at the top model house when Kristin goes to Destiny's bag to get a lighter without asking for her permission, Kristin then dared Destiny to punch her in the face so that she can send Destiny home."
"Since she got the best photo, Laura is now the president and will use the Tyra Suite, she chose Kristin to join her and talked about Leila as she might be obsessed with Laura and will be mad at her. Tyra and Alicia Keys showed up and told the girls that they will be part of a charity runway show for Alicia Keys' charity \"Keep Children Alive\" wearing clothes design by Mara Hoffman. Laura was then in charge of everything since she won the best picture. Kelly questioned Laura about the details which Laura assigned to each girls."
"The girls visit a special effects production house where their challenge is to bring a video game character to life. The winner gets to create her own signature taunt that will be featured in Naughty Dog Production's \"Uncharted 3\" video game. Then, the girls step back in time at an old train museum for a steam punk photo shoot, where they mix Victorian fashion with 19th century mechanics and a temperamental co-star... a live owl!"
"On the way to their Palm Springs destination, the models make three pit stops where they will be challenged to take photos of themselves doing \"random acts of modeling.\" The winner gets to host her own segment on NYLONTV.COM. Exhausted and grungy from their long day, the girls are caught off guard for a down-and-dirty photo shoot taken at random locations around their kitschy motel"
"The girls race against the clock as they meet with various fashion designers for a chance to book actual modeling jobs. The designers, who include Guess, Whitney Port, Charlotte Ronson, American Rag, Cecilia Cassini, and Lulu Guinness, can only book one girl, but each girl can book with more than one designer. The winner is the girl who books the most jobs. Then, the young ladies are hauled off to prison where they are made up as fifties-retro bad girls for a mug shot photo shoot with celebrity photographer Cobra Snake. At the end of the episode, Tyra brings back the eliminated contestants and reveals that one of them is about to re-enter the competition."
"The models pack their bags and jet off to their new home in Jamaica, The Half Moon Resort, where they are greeted by Tyra and an entire ensemble of Jamaican performers. Then, they get a real flare for Jamaican flavor with their first challenge abroad - a local \"dancehall\" dance off. This week's photo shoot finds the girls floating on a river raft in the wilds of Jamaica. There, they must use their body language to express a love triangle between male model Rob Evans and another local male model posing with them."
"During their stay in Jamaica, the girls meet Bob Marley's daughter, Cedella Marley, who has designed a fashionable new line of bikinis. Their challenge is to model these teeny weenie bikinis while rising out of the ocean on a dolphin. Then, the girls venture to Jamaica's famous Dunn's River Falls where they are transformed into warrior princesses and greeted by Tyra, who will be their photographer for the day. The girl who can strike the fiercest pose under the cascading waterfall wins the honor of having her photo grace the walls of Tyra's home."
"The girls are challenged to shoot a trial television commercial for the Jamaica Tourist Board, including writing their own script and starring in their own television spot while horse-back-riding in the ocean. The winner gets to come back to Jamaica to shoot an official television spot that will be broadcast worldwide. Then the models change bikinis for the \"Dream Come True\" perfume photo shoot where they pose for the chance to appear in the official fragrance ad"
"Judge Kelly Cutrone meets the models on the streets of Jamaica to mentor them through their official Nine West photo shoot. Then, the girls pose across Half Moon Bay for their Nylon Magazine photo shoot. Finally, the battle for the fiercest will be fought at the most famous yet infamous property in all of Jamaica, the mysteriously haunted Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay. The previously eliminated contestants return to join the finalists and their families for an unprecedented runway show that embraces all the beauty, culture, history and music of the island"
"Behind-the-scenes confessions and catfights among the co-eds are revealed in the never-before-seen footage"
Season 20 - America's Next Top Model
"The competition heats up as \u201cAmerica\u2019s Next Top Model\u201d returns, featuring male and female aspiring models competing for a career-launching prize package."
"The models tackle a vertical runway in pouring rain; a mock-wedding photo shoot brings back painful memories for one model."
"The models participate in a sexy photo shoot alongside Alessandra Ambrosio and Rob Evans. Later, the contestants get makeovers, and some of the men have trouble adjusting to their new looks."
"The models act as fashion correspondents in a challenge led by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. Later, they shoot a fragrance commercial with a role-reversing twist."
"A challenge requires the models to explore the streets of Los Angeles in their underwear. The pressure becomes too great for one male contestant and he breaks down. At the photo shoot, paint is thrown on the models and many of them feel they are out of their element and fear it will show in their pictures."
"Two eliminated models get a chance to return; two overly confident competitors find it difficult to book a runway show; one girl gets distracted at the photo shoot due to her crush on one of the guys."
"Previously unaired footage from the \"Guys and Girls\" season featuring confessions, flirtations and meltdowns."
"The models get tested at a commercial shoot to do ridiculous requests with a fake director played by comedian Reggie Watts. At a \"flawsome\" photo shoot, which highlights flaws to show they are beautiful, one of the models can't focus because of a fight between the girls and the guys in the house."
"The guys and girls visit Bali where they must model swim wear while walking under water. The situation causes one guy to suffer a panic attack. At the photo shoot, the models pose with snakes and leopards at a local zoo."
"While in Bali, the models embrace the culture during an outdoor photoshoot, where one model in particular has a bad attitude that affects his performance. Two of the models lose sight of the goal to win the competition and instead focus on their affection for one another."
"A workout challenge brings out the competitive side of the guys. Later, the models pose while hanging upside down with bats."
"The finale begins with past contestants returning to assist the final three models. The photo shoot is for Guess. Later, the eliminated models are put to the test when they are offered a cash prize."
"The 20th season concludes with the final two models walking their last runway and participating in a photo shoot shot by Tyra. Later, the judges announce the winner."
Season 21 - America's Next Top Model
"Potential contestants hit the runway and compete to see who can take the best selfie; Miss J returns to the judging panel."
"Semifinalists model various seasons in a limited amount of time during a rigorous subway challenge; a nighttime photo shoot at the beach gets steamy."
"Tempers flare and relationships ignite as the 14 contestants move into their new home; the models compete in a runway challenge wearing only silly string; behind-the-scenes look on the rain-themed intro."
"With a love triangle brewing in the house, not all models bring their A-game to an optical illusion photo shoot. The eagerly awaited make-over day arrives, and one model to unveils a never-before-seen look while another suffers a breakdown."
"Tyra helps the models prepare for a sexy photo shoot; unexpected chemistry sparks between two models before a challenge involving stilts; a model breaks a house rule after a night of partying."
"The models are tasked with mastering the ultimate hair whip for a wind-blown photo shoot. One girl is given a penalty and is allowed only five frames to capture the perfect image. Later, Nick Cannon gives the models a chance to be the face of his new ad campaign."
"The contestants audition for a walk-on role on a TV show; hurtful comments lead to an icy photo shoot."
"A photo shoot challenge leads two models to realize they need to put their personal relationship aside; the models discover common ancestry links during a futuristic sci-fi photo shoot."
"After a private runway session with Miss J, the models must book fashion shows with designers including Betsey Johnson; models are paired up during a photo shoot for a hair product."
"An eliminated model returns to the competition; the models must keep their composure during a challenge at a former slaughterhouse with a dark history; a fashion shoot with a focus on HIV and AIDS awareness."
"A recap of the competition so far."
"The models travel to Seoul, Korea, where they take part in a group dance shoot judged by BtoB; a bad habit limits one model's potential for success."
"During a timed challenge, the models race to locations in Seoul; a models winds up isolated after getting caught in a lie; a confrontation occurs between a model and Yu Tsai."
"The five remaining models perform a bilingual scene with Korean soap opera actors before tackling a night-time photo shoot that has them dressing up to recreate iconic images of the King and Queen of American pop culture: Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. But history comes back to haunt the models when each is asked to confront demons from their past."
"The final four models are shown by Tyra her new cosmetics line and they are challenged to make a commercial shoot with the help of some of the previously eliminated girls."
"Cycle 21 concludes with the remaining three models participating in a final runway fashion show in Seoul for designer Lie Sang Bong. Later, Tyra reveals the winner. Kpop band 2NE1 perform."
Season 22 - America's Next Top Model
"The models are surprised to learn that TV hosts Jonathan and Drew Scott designed the house they will be living in during the competition; a model breaks down; the models participate in a semi-nude photo shoot--with an audience."
"The stress of the competition manages to get to some of the models and they lose focus. The guys and girls are suspended in mid-air and made to look possessed."
"The models struggle during an acting challenge, where a few don't take the task seriously. The guys and girls are tasked with pairing up for a sexy commercial at the beach, where jealousy runs rampant and some chemistry falls flat."
"The models are paired up with eliminated contestants and sent to agencies; an eliminated contestant gets back in the game."
"When the models shoot a music video for Tyra's new beauty line, former contestant Don Benjamin makes an appearance; while posing in midair, some models have a hard time taking direction."
"Season 22, Episode 11"
"During a challenge event in Las Vegas, an overconfident model loses focus and fails to impress. Meanwhile, one of the models seem more focused on romance than winning the competition"
Season 23 - America's Next Top Model
"No description"
"America\u2019s Next Top Model returns to New York City, where 28 aspiring models will be winnowed down to 14. New host Rita Ora, along with her team of fashion tastemakers, welcomes the girls and sends them to their first challenge."
"The Top 14 are summoned to runway boot camp with supermodel and runway coach Stacy McKenzie. Back at the house, the models get into a heated discussion about the state of race relations in America."
"The judges choose signature looks for each model, but some ladies aren't happy with their makeovers; Ashley encourages the contestants to feel comfortable in their own skins as they get ready for a nude-photo shoot."
"DJ Khaled breaks down social media branding for the models; Jasmine Sanders helps the contestants enhance their profiles."
"Law Roach discusses the importance of personal style; Nicola Formichetti takes the models out of their comfort zones."
"Two models become romantically involved, but it could cost one of them the competition. Later, the ladies take on a body-in-motion challenge with Chanel Iman."
"Stacy Mckenzie joins forces with Beyonc\u00e9\u2019s choreographer, Chris Grant, to challenge the models to create their own signature dance routine for a block party video shoot."
"The models get a taste of the high life this go around as they are invited to an exclusive party at luxury designer Philipp Plein\u2019s estate in exchange for live modeling his latest couture collection amongst the fashion elite. Later, the ladies compete for the best couple shot as they\u2019re are photographed living a luxurious lifestyle jet setting alongside singer Jason Derulo."
"The previously-eliminated contestants return to compete against the top seven models in a fashion-music-video shoot featuring rapper French Montana."
"The models are challenged to create a PSA supporting the initiative behind model and activist Amber Rose\u2019s \u201cSlutwalk\u201d. Later, the models embody iconic women in pop culture."
"The models experience a day in the life of their celebrity host Rita Ora as they are bombarded by the paparazzi throughout New York City and later tasked to personify her iconic Paper Magazine Cover."
"The final five contestants tap into their inner actress as they compete to nail a theatrical scene. Later, the models are challenged to transform into a beautiful disaster during the filming of a makeup commercial."
"The final four learn what it takes to be a brand ambassador as they are challenged to replicate and properly execute the Rimmel look. The models are tasked with shooting a commercial featuring Rimmel\u2019s waterproof makeup."
"In the Season 23 finale, the finalists give it their all to pull off a Paper Magazine photo-shoot spread. Later, the eliminated contestants return to hit the runway alongside singer Tinashe, before one of the final three is crowned winner."
Season 24 - America's Next Top Model
"No description"
"Supermodel legend Tyra Banks returns as host alongside returning judges Ashley Graham, Law Roach and Drew Elliott where they welcome 26 aspiring models to compete for the title of America\u2019s Next Top Model."
"The top 15 are thrown immediately into the fire and expected to walk the lengths of Venice Beach Skate Park. Later, the models are tasked to master the beauty of pregnancy."
"The models meet the fate of their image as each is given a signature trademark but not all are pleased with their new look."
"The top 13 are summoned to a screen test by Hollywood Director Anthony Hemingway in order to compete for a walk-on role in one of his projects. Later, nightmares come alive as the models participate in a dark, grueling, horror-inspired photoshoot."
"The contestants are challenged to go against the grain and break stereotypes; with the help of beauty and social media guru Patrick Starr and super model Ashley Graham, the models must create blogs with video material."
"The models take part in LA Pride week as they walk designer Christian Cowan\u2019s rainbow runway and vogue it out with RuPaul\u2019s Drag Race fan favorites Valentina, Katya and Manila in a glamorous queens vs. princesses photoshoot."
"The models bare it all in a nude photoshoot unlike ever before. Later, the contestants create an anti-bullying PSA for the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) which triggers deep, dark secrets from each of the models\u2019 pasts."
"With the help of Tyra Banks' savvy, social media tips, the top seven transform into media mavens in order to compete in a digital campaign for supermodel Jourdan Dunn\u2019s clothing line Londunn."
"In the midst of movement and chaos, the models must master the art of motion on the ground and in a parachute."
"The dream of being a PAPER Magazine cover girl soon becomes a nightmare for the top six as they're assigned personas out of their comfort zones."
"The models learn personality goes a long way as they are challenged to design an avatar for the new America's Next Top Model mobile game. Later, the ladies star alongside singer\/songwriter Maejor in his latest music video."
"In a special fan-curated episode, the eliminated contestants return to battle it out for a chance to return to competition. The models are joined by ANTM legends Nigel Barker and Eva Marcille to help assist them on their journey."
"The final four strive to embody Pantene's \"Strong Is Beautiful\" campaign as they work to win over the client by advertising their chosen products."
"The contestant the judges deem next-level fierce will be crowned America's Next Top Model after a star-studded runway show hosted by renowned fashion designer Philipp Plein."
Season 32 - America's Next Top Model
"No description"